Tara RIce is an Art Director originally from Vancouver, BC. Graduating from Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design, she worked on various brands for 3 years in Canada before relocating to New York City were she worked with Many high profile companies. In 2016 she relocated once again to LA where she is a Senior Art Director at NYX Professional Makeup with a focus on product branding. With a focus on media, fashion and beauty she has specialized in brands for the masses. Some highlights include working at Cosmopolitan.com helping them to retailor their brand for the digital age and Juicy Couture to breathe new life into their aging brand.


What was your very first job? 

My first job as a designer was at a small agency in Vancouver Canada called WOW Branding. I began as an intern and was hired as a junior afterwards.

As an intern/junior designer I mostly did the more basic tasks the guys didn’t want to do… prepare client presentations, prep files for press, work on a new brand of feminine hygiene products. They even had me making survey calls at one point.


How did you discover that the creative world was right for you? Was there a time in your life that you credit to this discovery? What was there train of events that brought you to where you are today?

After wow branding I wasn’t sure the design world was right for me—it was a very masculine environment and the work just didn’t speak to me. It wasn’t until I began working for Jocelyn Fortier Creative that I really understood there was more out there. She introduced me to the world of fashion and opened my eyes to a world of imagery that wasn’t just a job but a passion. She was my greatest mentor.


In your constantly growing and expanding industry, how do you find inspiration to keep your work fresh, innovative and relevant?

It’s important to be constantly paying attention to the world. Research, news, museums, travel, all that stimulation that inspires new forms of thought and connects you with the trends of thought happening out there.


If you had to pick one piece of work or project that you are most proud of, more for the creative work and innovation it required, rather than its recognition or industry “success,” what would it be? 

I am most proud of art projects, not the pieces that were client driven.


Art Producer | VANS
Creative Consultant
Sr Producer | THE NORTH FACE
Director, Brand Strategy | TWITTER
VP Creative Director | RPA
Creative Director | DECKERS - UGG
Communications Manager | INSTAGRAM
Photo Director | ORACLE
Photo Director | GOOGLE
Global Creative Director | STARBUCKS
Creative Director | DISNEY
Creative Director | DOLBY LABORATORIES
Sr. Art Director | AMOUR VERT
SVP Integrated Production | DEUTSCH
Sr. Art Director | AKQA
Managing Director | ISSUE
Co-Founder | NIXON
Sr Direction Creative Production | NIKE
Creative Director | PITCH
Design Director | PHENOMENON
Global Creative Director | BENEFIT COSMETICS
Global Photography Lead | PAYPAL
SVP Creative Director | DEUTSCH
Creative Director | MORPHE
Marketing Director | DESIGN HUNTER
Producer, Brand Mktg | UBER
Photography Lead | AIRBNB
VP, Creative Director | NBCUniversal, Inc.
Director of Photography | WILLIAMS-SONOMA
Creative Director | FERNWEH
Dir. of Creative Advertising | SONY
Creative Director | ANOMALY
Associate Creative Director | AMAZON
VP Creative | SONY
Freelance Producer | ANOMALY
Art Director | SEGA
Associate Creative Director | FACEBOOK
EVP Creative Director | MEKANISM
Creative Director | NORDSTROM
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager | ASICS
Marketing Director | HASBRO
Sr Director, Photo & Creative | BANANA REPUBLIC
VP Creative Director | LYFT
Art Buying Manager | STARBUCKS
Creative Director | PEREIRA O'DELL
Creative Director | ANOMALY
Creative Lead | NETFLIX
Sr. Creative Director | DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB
SVP Creative Director | THE REFINERY
Executive Creative Director | DDW
VP Creative Director | BANANA REPUBLIC
VP Creative | JUSTFAB
VP Creative Services | WARNER BROS.
Global Creative Director | AMAZON STUDIOS
Creative Director | INTERSCOPE
Sr. Integrated Producer | LINKEDIN
Creative Director, UX | VISA
Creative Lead | PAYPAL
Creative Lead, ACD | SALESFORCE
Sr CD Global Brand Imaging | NIKE
Chief Creative Officer | OMELET
Chief Creative Officer | POP
VP Creative Director | BLAIR
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