Associate Creative Director | AMAZON

Katy is a campaign associate creative director and photo art director whose work has been featured in PrintHowCommunication Arts, and the AIGA, and has graced the pages ofVogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Travel + Leisure, and more. Her photo work at Amazon has brought a human side and a smile to campaigns for Kindle, Home, and private label brands. 


1.)        What was your very first job? At 16 I became an official sales rep at the Gap. I can still fold sweaters like a champ.  2.)        Please describe, in your own words, what your job is and what work it entails. I lead a team of talented people as we tackle creative advertising, events, or branding campaigns for Amazon. Sometimes these campaigns live onsite, sometimes they live out there in the real world.    3.)        How did you discover that the creative world was right for you? Was there a time in your life that you credit to this discovery? What was there train of events that brought you to where you are today? I was late to come to design. In college, I always had a creative side project going while I did my “real work”. It took me several years to make design my “real work”. It was the energy and inventiveness in the early days of the dot-com boom in San Francisco that made me believe that I could re-invent my career every few years. That has led me to work in publishing, web design, corporate design, agencies, retail, advertising, and hopefully more industries.  4.)        In your constantly growing and expanding industry, how do you find inspiration to keep your work fresh, innovative and relevant? Stories are everywhere. I value travel, my creative kids, and getting out of the office for finding unique ones. 5.)        If you had to pick one piece of work or project that you are most proud of, more for the creative work and innovation it required, rather than its recognition or industry “success,” what would it be? That’s a hard one. I am always proud of the ad campaign I worked on for Kindle kids. This campaign was clever, timeless, and unexpected. And I got to work with a great crew, talented kids, and some furry animals.   6.)        Which creative disciplines do you commission most, and are most interested in seeing more of and why? (ie photo, film, social, experiential, vr, etc) I love working with great photo talent!


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