REPORT Westcoast 2019

  • “Always an inspiring showcase of what's happening in the creative art world. The best place to see work, meet people and find the next partner for your creative projects no matter what medium.“
    Jesse McMILLINLYFTVP Creative Director

  • “Grand event. Impressed with some of the breakthrough creatives.“
    James SPENCEGOOGLEHead of Creative

  • “What a great event, very useful and inspiring. Nice job pulling it all together - very professional. “
    Katy KENNEDYAMAZONCreative Director

  • “Great networking opportunity“
    Michael HATHAWAYNBCVP, Creative Director

  • “Thank you for having me! Loved seeing some new companies here. Always appreciate meeting partners who can speak to the execution and the strategy. Would love to come again!“
    Rachel HOLBROOKAIR BNB | TWENTYFIRST CENTURY BRANDHead of Content & Production

  • “Le Book is very inspiring. I have met with several artists/companies that I hope to work with in the future.“

  • “I love how CONNECTIONS has expanded its talent pool to provide opportunities for us to be introduced to such diverse and unexpected talant. Bravo!“
    Chris BETTES20th CENTURY FOXSVP Creative & Brand Marketing

  • “This was my first Le Book. Great exposure of top agencies and work. I have a lot of new CONNECTIONS in mind to collaborate with for future creative work. Great experience and amazing friendly people.“
    Cesar BANARESLULULEMONSr. Art Director

  • “Pleasure to participate. Thanks for having me!“
    Alexandra TANGUAYSPOTIFYVP, Global Brand

  • “It was amazing to see so much creative talent in one place and be exposed to emerging artists who will shape the future of advertising.“

  • “Great event as always love the level of presentation and curation of all the creative partners.“
    Suzanne DONALDSONNIKESr Direction, Creative Production

  • “Amazing panel, lots of great inspiration and energy. Look forward to the next one!“
    Ben BELSKYUGGCreative Director

  • “Jury duty was a pleasure as I set to learn about new technologies and artists that can contribute to MURAD. Happy Finish, David Hughes, Matt Jones and M SSNG PECES blew my mind! Thank you for inviting me. “
    Anastasia GAZOSMURADExec. Creative Director

  • “Great event. First time on jury. I enjoyed looking at talent beyond my usual narrow scope of food & interiors. Thank you!“
    Amy HEINEWILLIAMS SONOMAVice President, Creative

  • “As a juror and creative, the access to innovative interesting and compelling work is refreshing. Being a juror is a challenge because this is so much good work shared. Choosing the best of the best is a rewarding challenge.“
    Brandon Joseph BAKERTHE NORTH FACESr. Producer

  • “Very inspiring to see such a diverse body of compelling work across so many mediums, all presented by really great people. “
    David Joshua LARKINFACEBOOKCreative Director

  • “A top notch of curation of talent across the industry showcasing long running talent as well as a wonderful opportunity to gain exposure to up and evolving talent. An invaluable event for our industry and our artists!“
    Dayna SHARKEYOLD NAVYSenior Director, Creative

  • “Glad I came. It was really interesting. I saw some really great projeccts and met a lot of great creatives. Lots of amazing projects and companies.“
    Jared SHELTONINTERSCOPE / GEFFEN / A&MCreative Director

  • “The event was great. A wonderful networking opportunity“
    Jennifer SCRUTONVANSArt Director

  • “Great work shown!“
    Kristin BREWERFITBITCreative Director

  • “It was a great creative opportunity to see amazing work and mingle with creative folks in the industry.“
    Maral MOFRADNETFLIXGlobal Product Creative Lead

  • “Thanks for a magnificently inspiring experience.“
    Marc BRUGNONIDISNEYCreative Director

  • “I'm always impressed with the quality of the work at this show! It's so hard to pick favorites. Amazing work!“
    Megan FLETCHERBENEFIT COSMETICSGlobal Creative Director

  • “Le Book continues to be the leading event for the creative agencies and talent for ideation, inspiration, and inter-communication. It is an invaluable experience that I look forward to every year. It's a guarantee that myself and my team will walk away with enhanced relationships, new CONNECTIONS, and introductions to new talent.“
    Molly GALLAGHERFABLETICSSr. Director, Creative Services

  • “The quality of the show was of a very high standard. It was interesting to hear perspectives of how the industry is evolving and to connect with new agencies and to reconnect with old friends. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience and I would be very happy to repeat if I would be fortunate to have the offer.“
    Phil BICKERINSTAGRAMCreative Editor

  • “I loved the range of work at the show. I was particularly inspired by the innovation and depth of the artistry.“

  • “It's always great to see so much amazing work assembled in one place.“
    Alex FREUNDMORPHE COSMETICSCreative Director

  • “Awesome event! Loved the talent. Felt very warm on a cold day!“
    Allen YUM/H VCCPAssoc. Creative Director

  • “Fantastic event for creatives, brands, and agencies alike. Greatly enjoyed interacting wtih my peers and meeting new people and potential new collaborators.“
    Amanda BULATLINKEDINSenior Marketing Manager

  • “Best production speed-dating ever!“
    Arpi AGDEREVANSArt Producer

  • “Great event gathering the industry's best artists and reps together. Thank you for including me!“
    Barb SANSONINNOCEANDir. of Art Production

  • “Always great to come to connect with the folks and friends. Outstanding as always.“
    Brett KINGSONYVP Creative

  • “An amazing opportunity to meet extrordinary artists: makers in the industry. Definitely inspired to take what I've seen today and hopefully bring it back to our brand.“
    Brittnay PADONHEWLETT-PACKARDCreative Lead

  • “Was lovely to attend!“
    Candice LAWLERAPPLEPhoto Director

  • “I loved the panel today! Raise above the noise!! Keep it fluid!!“
    Cecilia ZALAZARBLAIRVP Creative Director

  • “This event is helpful to exist especially in SF. Reps do not often visit in-house or tech companies. So sometimes it feels creatives don't have as much of an outlet to connect to creators until bids. This was a great reseouce!“
    Christine DE LE CRUZAIR BNBAssoc Creative Diretor

  • “Always a great time and a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and see new work.“
    Dan SOUTHWICKLINKEDINSr. Integrated Producer

  • “Solid event all around! Lots of great reps and folks to connect with. Content was great!“
    David KELLERUBERPhoto Art Director

  • “This was a very inspiring event overall. An exceptional collection of valued work. I found companies to be well prepared in their presentations and personable. It was an honor to be a part of this process and appreciate the chance to do so!“
    Devin SARNOWARNER BROS.VP Creative Services

  • “It was nice to see so much talent. Both still and in motion. Advertising and personal work.“
    Driscoll REIDSID LEE Executive Creative Director

  • “Fun and lots to see. Lots of great vendors. “
    Eduardo INDERBITZINRPACreative Director

  • “Rare and special event in SF. Great to have international minds and artists in one place.“
    Edward VINCEFACEBOOKCreative Director

  • “Le Book was a great experience. The talent this year was unexpected & enjoyable. Thank you for including me.“
    Emily BLANKGOOGLEDirector of Photography

  • “It's good to be connected with a lot of talented people. Great show and looking forward to see you guys in 2020“
    Federico DURANCIRCUS MARKETINGExecutive Creative Director

  • “Please keep this wonderful event at the PDC. You guys always execute so well and the location helps. “
    George QATSHA72ANDSUNNYSr Integrated Art Producer

  • “Great show!“
    Gina BALLENGERTWITTERDirector, Brand Strategy

  • “Thanks for another great series of CONNECTIONS!“
    Greg BURIDAVID&GOLIATHGroup Creative Director

  • “Would love to grow the SF Le Book and have speakers/panel like the LA Le Book. Thanks!“

  • “Love the event, real professionals. I like meeting talented people and it feels like a fiesta air to meet people like this in LA.“

  • “The show was great. Lots of amazing and innovative talent. Great group of attendees as well!“
    Isabelle DIMANGHAUTELOOK / NORDSTROMSr. Art Director

  • “This was a very inspiring event overall. An exceptional collection of valued work. I found companies to be well prepared in their presentations and personable. It was an honor to be a part of this process and appreciate the chance to do so.“
    J BARBUSHRPAVP Creative Director

  • “Inspiring!“

  • “This is my fourth time judging, both here in SF and in LA. By far this was the most enjoyable. That could be down to my experience of judging or because the work is so much better/improved. I suspect the latter. “
    James WILKINSONPOP AGENCYChief Creative Officer

  • “Always fun to connect with old contacts and new talent. Great job gathering everyone together in one place.“
    Jan-Willem DIKKERSISSUEManaging Director

  • “Great work this year. Modern, relevant!“
    Jaqueline BACICH-PARRATTAQUISSr. Art Director

  • “I loved hearing the stories behind how great work came to life.“
    Jean MORROWPEREIRA O'DELLCreative Director

  • “Event was really fun. Great to meet people from all over the globe. Very special. See you next year!“
    Jenna LIVINGSTONFACEBOOK THE FACTORYAssoc. Creative Director

  • “A lovely experience to see the innovation of artists and catch up with a global community repping the best in the industry.“
    Jennifer STERNPAYPALCreative Director

  • “CONNECTIONS is a chance for me to be inspired and to recharge my creative drive“
    Jim PASCOETHE REFINERYSVP Creative Director

  • “Great selection. Found it more eclectic and creative than last year. Which was already good. I enjoyed my second time here as a judge. Hope to be back next year.“
    Jimmy LENOIRSEGAArt Director

  • “Great event, speakers, talent.“
    Jodi MORRISONSTARBUCKSArt Buying Manager

  • “The entire event was so enjoyable. The speakers were amazing and it was so interesting to hear their take on brand versus artist and the collaborations. The CONNECTIONS event was really well put on. A great event to keep us up to date about creative vision and integration. Lovely seeing old friends and meeting new people. I would love to come back next year. “
    John CLUCKIEDEUTSCH LASVP Int. Production

  • “By all means PLEASE keep having this show!“
    Jon RITTELECTRO CREATIVE (for CLOROX)Chief Creative Officer

  • “LE BOOK + L.A.=LA BOOK. Great Event!“
    Katherin BEASLEYSELECT WORLDDesign Director

  • “LE BOOK creaties a unique interaction with artists, creators and believers. Prepare to be inspired.“
    Kieran HANNONBELKIN INTERNATIONALChief Marketing Officer

  • “Fun!“
    Kristen FORTIERPAYPALGlobal Creative Lead

  • “Amazing to see so much creative output in a single place. Feeling very inspired! Looking forward to building lasting creative relationships with the epic talent at this year's show.“
    Leigh HARMANOLD NAVYArt Director

  • “Lovely as usual to come and meet the agents and creatives from around the world and get inspired by new work.“
    Lisa HENNESSYALL THAT YAYCreative Director

  • “It was a great experience, surrounded by amazing professionals.The quality of the work is really good. There is a diversity that makes it really interesting.“
    Luciano D'AMELIOOGILVY MexicoVP Creative Services

  • “Great experience! Looking forward for the 2020 event! Amazing job in putting together so many incredible projects! Really appreciated!“
    Luis MARTINEZHASBROMarketing Director

  • “Once again a very enjoyable and informative event. Great to catch up with old and new contacts, listen to inspiring talks and eat amazing food!“
    Mark CAROLANSAATCHI & SAATCHICreative Director

  • “Great selection of companies to judge. The staff and crew was amazing, so caring and loving, very well orgainzed overall. Thanks for having me.“
    Mary CUPPONEAKQASr. Art Director

  • “For my second visit here, great experience and above all great CONNECTIONS. Mission accomplished.“
    Mathieu MAFFRENORDSTROMCreative Director

  • “Diverse and creatively curated, so you exit feeling well versed “

  • “I had a great time seeing all the work! That is waaayyy better than judging most ad shows. It's just fun. “
    Matt ORSERDOLLAR SHAVE CLUBSr. Creative Director

  • “Amazing selection, incredible range, excellent work. “
    Matthew KALISHANOMALY LACreative Director

  • “Incredible breadth of artists, agencies, and capabilities. A "must" for anyone in the business of making.“
    Maureen OAKESGOOGLECreative Agency Lead

  • “There was a good mix of participants and the quality of work was very high, which made judging a bit challenging!“
    MIchelle NAMHPCreative Lead

  • “I'm so happy to have been invited to participate. I look forward to reflections on the great work I saw today.“
    Minha KHANHOURGLASSSr. Manager of Creative

  • “Quality of the work is very high. Thanks for having me!“
    Robert BIRNBACHORACLEPhoto Director

  • “It's like speed dating for advertisers - thrilling and fun!“
    Romeo CERVASRPACreative Director

  • “A great event to connect, collabrate and be inspired!“
    Ross PATRICKDDWExecutive Creative Director

  • “There is so much work that goes into each shoot & production. I loved having the oppertunity to listen to each story. “
    Samantha COOPERWIREDSr Photo Editor

  • “The talent shown at CONNECTIONS is so impressive. Every submission was of the highest quality. I enjoyed the interactive experiences and CGI.“
    Shasta MATTEYDOORDASHDesign Lead

  • “Great opportunity to put faces to names and discover new talent!“
    Stephen GUTIERREZUBERProducer, Brand Mktg

  • “Loved this. Thank you! I had some really fun conversations with really fun individuals doing really inspiring work.“
    Steve TORNELLOSALESFORCESr. Director, Creative

  • “Great opportunity to see what is happening in the creative industry and create face to face CONNECTIONS.“

  • “Very inspiring event - thanks for bringing it to the West Coast.“
    Tomasz OPASINSKINETFLIX LACreative Lead

  • “THANKS! LE BOOK 2019 LA was a lot of fun! I was very impressed by the caliber of the panelists. It was a great experience to meet & chat with so many creatives! I definitely made some CONNECTIONS with folks who I knew I'd later hire immediately for projects we have coming up. Overall the event felt really well organized!“
    Tori McGOOGANFACEBOOKArt Director

  • “Excellent time spent - discovered some very relevant work and creative partners of the highest caliber.”
    Zach MYROWANOMALYCreative Director

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