Report Paris 2018

  • “So many great things to see - next year I'll come for an entire week!.”
    Thomas Dupré De Saint MaurCHANEL PARFUMSHead of Global Creative

  • “Great CONNECTIONS, great conversations! I am impressed by the great selection of inspiring projects of the exhibitors of CONNECTIONS!”
    Andreas BergbaurROBERTO CAVALLIChief Mktg & Digital Officer

  • “Very beautiful show as usual, with excellent exhibitors. Quality talks, and a great organization. See you next year, LE BOOK!”Thierry ChangLANCASTERMarketing Director

  • “Thanks LE BOOK and CONNECTIONS, the only event in Paris to meet so many incredible talents!”
    Fabien MouillardPUBLICIS ET NOUSCreative Director

  • “CONNECTIONS is very good opportunity to scout new talents and partners as usual. Good choice of representatives, agencies, studios... Good orientation on the subject of the digital side of communication.”
    Michela CicatelloBULGARIArt Direction Brand Specialist

  • “CONNECTIONS was a great experience to connect with creatives and to learn new approaches of communication - super relevant to our target audience.”
    Erica GiussaniPIRELLIComm & Corporate Reputation

  • “CONNECTIONS is a really cool & inspiring experience. Thanks for the invitation, see you soon.”
    Pascal GregoireLA CHOSEFounder & President

  • “Big thanks to everyone. I spent two great days full of meetings, images, creativity... The talks were amazing. I learned a lot.”
    Bertrand De ChastenetRENAULTArt Director

  • “Thank you to the great team at LE BOOK for an incredibly inspiring 2 days!”
    Carole GerlandZADIG & VOLTAIRECommunication Director .

  • “Please continue this inspiring and necessary networking event, CONNECTIONS!”
    Regis TosettiMONCLERArt Director

  • “CONNECTIONS is very well organised. Thanks LE BOOK!.”
    Alexa PantanellaLUXOTTICAGlobal Head of Marketing Communication and Media

  • “Thank you to LE BOOK for this new edition. Truly enjoyed the format and selection of agencies. I discovered new talents, from high tech to cutting edge image-makers!.”
    Olivia BessonPUIGInternational Communication Manager

  • “Love you LE BOOK, see you next year! ”
    Alexandra ReghiouaCOTY LUXURYCreative Director.

  • “Really inspiring playful format and very fluid in its organization. I hope to do it again!.”
    Riccardo Fregroso McCANN Executive V.P. Creative

  • “Is "effective" a boring thing to say? Probably, but CONNECTIONS is so damn effective!”
    Lucas SacchiPIAGGIOHead of Strategic Innovation

  • “CONNECTIONS is really well organized, high level production companies with great diversity.”
    Roman LataDESIGUALCreative Director

  • “CONNECTIONS is GREAT. It's an amazing occasion to look at portfolios, and meet the people that make all this cool stuff happen. Always happy to come back. ”
    Dimitri GuerassimovSERVICEPLANPartner, CCO

  • “CONNECTIONS is always a great opportunity to meet people in the industry and to have an overview on what else is out there. An incredible chance to make connections and catch a breath of some newness. Talks are always interesting.”
    Allesandro Marzani DIESEL Head of Creative Production

  • “A great welcome! Many interesting exhibitors with great projects and techniques. A pleasure to see you again!”
    Anne GuillaumeauNUXECreative Director

  • “CONNECTIONS is really interesting, as usual. Happy to have met so many young, new production partners and influencers agencies.”
    Maud TigreatAFFLELOUCreative Director

  • “Very interesting! Full of ideas for upcoming projects.”
    Delphine PommierINTERPARFUMSSr Vice President, Mktg

  • “Very well condensed experience of what happens in our little creative world. Nice discoveries and meetings. Very high production quality over all.”
    Paul Wauters BABELCo-Founder & ECD

  • “Excited to be able to work with all these people. Thank you LE BOOK for all these artistic connections.”
    Alban PenicautHAVASCreative Director

  • “The perfect combination of a place to discover the best solutions and a source of great inspiration.”
    Marco Cendron POMOCreative Director

  • “CONNECTIONS is a really inspiring "hands on" experience with the best creative operators!”
    Massimiliano Maria Longo WUNDERMANExec. Creative Dir.

  • “A thoroughly planned event designed to expand one's horizons and discover ideas fundamentally. Bravo LE BOOK. ”
    Jérémie BottiauY&RExecutive Creative Director

  • “Thanks for making me a part of it. ”
    Michele PicciPUBLICISDigital Creative Director

  • “A great event to come together and network with quality production companies and talent agencies.”
    Tiago PinhoACNESenior Creative

  • “Always a great time to meet people. Very good conferences.”
    Sandie ZaniniCALZEDONIACommunication Manager

  • “High level event with a great selection and organization.”
    Ginevra BoraleviPANERAIMarketing & Communication Manager

  • “Really enjoy being at CONNECTIONS! Nice opportunity to see great work and meet interesting people. Whenever you do it again make sure to invite me.”
    Fabio BrigidoMULLENLOWECD. & Head of Art

  • “A lot of creativity and passion! CONNECTIONS is truly inspirational! Thanks!”
    Ley Liegelmeyer

  • “Well done arrangement as usual. I especially appreciated the ~digital turn~ you did with more focus on social media of digital content. Merci!”
    Lara BernardiBORBONESEMedia Marketing Mgr

  • “Really interesting CONNECTIONS days. I only regret not having enough time, maybe next time. A thousand thanks.”
    Charlotte Levy - Frebault BETCCommunications Director

  • “Many meetings with great discoveries.”
    Julien BenmoussaBUY BBDOExecutive Creative Director

  • “LE BOOK is "a not to be missed" event! Good selection of agencies, and projects were very visually engaging.”
    Martina ScapinelloSHELTERGROUPArt Director

  • “Interesting event and good CONNECTIONS!”
    Julie HardyYOU & MR JONESAssociate Partner

  • “Great idea to share jury critiques and to see all the different people within the industry you need to see at CONNECTIONS. THANK YOU!”
    Thomas GuilhotWE ARE SOCIALCreative Director

  • “Thanks for inviting me. Truly inspiring. See you soon LE BOOK!”
    Federigo GabellieriGQ ITALIAArt Director

  • “Very well organized, inspiring, with a beautiful selection of exhibitors!”
    Isabelle MicalRELAIS & CHATEAUXComm Director

  • “I found very original projects alongside motivated, enthusiastic, and dynamic professionnals.”
    Nicolas JimenezLE MONDEDirector of Photography

  • “What a great organization! CONNECTIONS inspired me with several topics espacally in the marketing influence. Bravo!”
    Camille HamelSMASHBOXCommunication & Social Media Dir

  • “I love coming to CONNECTIONS! Always eye-opening!”
    Giorgio MartinoliAIR FRANCE MADAMEArtistic Director

  • “Thank you for all your work, organization and warm welcome. The exhibitors that I met were very well selected, certainly in my domain, which allowed excellent discoveries. Meetings were practically love at first sight, thanks LE BOOK!”
    Maud FayatTF1External Communication Deputy Director

  • “Great meeting format and a good selection for my curiosity and my professional life!”
    Delphine BommelaerAGENCE BABELCreative Director

  • “Event full of talent.. Perfect to meet new people and different types of creation (print, digital communication, image, video...)”
    Simon RiveroPICArt Director

  • “Really interesting! Great projects and meetings! See you soon LE BOOK..”
    Julien ChiapoliniMcCannExecutive Creative Director

  • “Thanks, it was a great pleasure to participate at this event - and incredibly useful in getting a snapshot of the industry!”
    Charlotte CusinatoMERCURYImage Director

  • “Had a great and productive time. See you next year!”
    Christophe RenardCHRISTOPHE RENARDCreative Director