• "It was a great year - loved running into some familiar faces I haven’t seen in years. Particularly excited about a few new production agencies I met with. Hoping to make a few projects come to life out of it. Such a great way to come across new talent all in one place."
    Timothy STRUDWICK EQUINOX Sr. Creative Director

  • "An afternoon of creativity and inpiration. As a leader in marketing, this allowed me to open my mind to new possibilities and great networking."
    Lisa LEWIS KEDS Vice President, Marketing

  • "Refreshing to see the experimentation between agencies, brands, and content creators!"
    Matt WRIGHT GAP INC. (GAP, BANANA REPUBLIC) Vice President, Creative

  • "I truly enjoyed my experience at CONNECTIONS and deeply appreciative of you having invited me to the event. I was telling someone earlier this week how there needs to be more of this type of thing as it is truly unique to LE BOOK. It was great to be able to immerse myself in the work of so many talented agencies and creatives over the course of those two days. I also enjoyed the keynotes — I believe that this is an area that can grow for you — a true blend of networking meets creative conference meets workshop. "
    Gerard CLEAL ALDO Brand Design Director

  • "One of the biggest challenges I’ve had throughout my career is understanding how to exit the self ... and how do we really collaborate on a deeper level to scale our own personal work, scale the work for our clients as well as grow our ability to make a meaningful impact? CONNECTIONS gives us a chance to see great creative, meet with some fantastic artists, and find future collaborators. Easily one of my favorite events of the year."
    Richard TU MTV Vice President, Design

  • "CONNECTIONS hits the spot! Always the best place to catch up with old friends, make new ones, and discover great work. Keep up the great work and keep connecting us!"
    Klitos TEKLOS ESTÉE LAUDER COMPANIES Vice President, Creative

  • "Thank you for bringing so many talented people into one space! It was a great event, as always."
    Marie RÖNN SPOTIFY Group Creative Director

  • "I come here every year to be refreshed. You know that feeling when you travel, and come back to work and feel refreshed? That’s what I do here at CONNECTIONS."
    Rapha ABREU THE COCA-COLA COMPANY Global Head of Visual Design

  • "Loved connecting with a variety of companies - saw new great talent. Thank you for inviting me!"
    Roxy WEISBARD FACEBOOK Creative Director

  • "I always find CONNECTIONS to be an incredibly valuable forum to discover some of the world's most exciting creative talent all in one place. It's a great way to reconnect with old friends and contacts in the business and make new ones. As a juror I was particularly impressed by the quality of some of the experiential agencies such as My Beautiful City and L'Agence Black Lemon as well content and production companies including Bellhouse, Lola and Ridley Scott. I feel like being a juror gives me the inside track on talent I might not necessary find on my own and I've ended up booking agencies and production companies as a result of meeting them at CONNECTIONS. "
    Chidi ACHARA SIMON MALLS Chief Creative Officer

  • "Usually you only see what you’re working on, I think CONNECTIONS creates the opportunity to see what other people are working on - and from there it spark ideas. CONNECTIONS is an easy 1-stop shopping situation, fueled by creativity and good ideas. I had a very good experience, met some talented people, learned so much and discovered some companies that we may be able to work with in some capacity. Thank you for having me."

  • "I felt the quality of the firms I met with was high. I could see the potential of including some of the exhibitors in future RFPs for work for events & content - the juror experience was well curated to my needs."
    Matt SPANGLER COMPASS Chief Creative Officer

  • "CONNECTIONS was a creative overload delivered by passionate people who love the craft and the art of conversation."
    Steve WYATT KENNETH COLE Creative Director & Vice President, Marketing

  • "Thank you for having me. The talent pool is very well curated and the event is nicely run. The only thing is that there are so many amazing people!"
    Angela SUMNER REVLON Creative Director, Content

  • "Impressive range of creativity, artistic disciplines, and partners. Many examples of frame-breaking creativity to serve as an inspiration to all marketers."
    Quinn KILBURY HEINEKEN Head of Partnerships and Consumer Experience

  • "Thank you for reaching out. I was glad to attend! I was inspired by the campaigns and really enjoyed the talks."
    Emmanuel BOU COVERGIRL Brand Director

  • "Great show! Lots of great talent!! Looking forward to next year!!"
    Calvin CHU SYFY (NBCU) Vice President, Design

  • "I enjoyed chatting with everyone. I was inspired by the creative work I saw and hopefully I will be able to collaborate soon!"
    Pebble GOH BBDO Vice President, Creative

  • "CONNECTIONS embodies the absolute love for the craft, craft, craft."
    Jimmie STONE EDELMAN Chief Creative Officer

  • "I find the experience really valuable to see and meet agencies and to dig deep into their expertise. My recommendation is to encourage agencies to show some creative, but smaller budget work, to encourage greater scope. Thank you for the experience!"
    Siobhan LONERGAN THINX + ICON Chief Brand Officer

  • "LE BOOK continues to introduce and spotlight innovative talent - facilitating new CONNECTIONS and stimulating talks with key industry insights - thank you for another great event in New York - next time I will for sure also join you in Paris!"
    Jacob WILDSCHIØEDTZ NR2154 Founder, Creative Director

  • "I love CONNECTIONS and always find it such an amazing resource for connecting with new talent. I was pleased again this year and really met some wonderful connections. I am already trying to work with some of them!"
    Susie AMINIAN BUMBLE & BUMBLE Vice President, Creative

  • "Great event as always, got to connect with some new people and reconnect with others I met as a juror in the past few years. I was able to deep dive into conversation with knowledgeable pioneers in the industry, like Suite Spot – they were able to dissect a problem and solve it with unique approaches most wouldn’t think about. Looking forward to the next one!"
    Gusto MARULANDA VERIZON Assoc. Creative Director

  • "As always, it is enlightening as a creative director to have this event where agencies and production companies are all together under one roof. It gives me an unique opportunity to get a pulse on where the industry is headed, what is top of mind, how they are addressing them and planning forward for ‘tomorrow’. Additionally to see what these agencies are prepping to show as their lead projects is also very informative in terms of what aesthetic trends are center and I also try to remember how things have shifted from previous CONNECTIONS - types of vendors, who shows up, what technology everyone is targeting, etc. Overall, a very productive event that I use to get an annual lay of the land and meet some fun and interesting colleagues. "
    Alex SUH SKINCEUTICALS (L'OREAL) Vice President, Creative

  • "Truly an inspirational experience - there is so much innovation in the creative community - It's really fantastic!"
    Joy ALTIMARE KK ENTERTAINMENT Cheif Engagement Officer

  • "Had a fabulous time! Such a great experience and so pleased to see how CONNECTIONS has grown and evolved throughout the years!"
    Billy COLE WHITE HOUSE BLACK MARKET Creative Director

  • "I learned something fascinating from each exhibitor - I wouldn't have necessarily stopped by on my own. Thank you CONNECTIONS for this experience!"
    Liz CHAN GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Creative Director

  • "Once again, always inspiring."
    Mark FINA AIR PARIS Vice President, Creative

  • "Always nice to see familiar faces and meet new people at CONNECTIONS. I got to see so many exciting works. "
    Natsuko BOSAKA MCCANN Vice President, Creative

  • "Thouroughly enjoyed CONNECTIONS, and the conversations and creativity! Very appreciative of the opportunity to knowledge-share with so many creative talents. Great takeaways and prospects for the future."
    Russ FAMA HSN Creative Director

  • "I love the fact that jurors get to talk to the people behind the work. Being able to understand this process, hurdles,and the bits they're proud of makes it a much richer experience. Beats watching a case study for sure! "
    Vidhi SHAH HUGE NY Creative Director

  • "I wanted to share that I had the most enjoyable experience in NYC at the LE BOOK event!"
    Pat BRUNN TARGET Creative Producer

  • "A great get-together for long lasting high level creative CONNECTIONS for the future. "
    Claudia JAEH CLAUDIA JAEH, GMBH Creative Director

  • "I enjoyed the more intimate setting this year - It was quieter, allowing me to engage in deeper and more interesting discussions with all of the exhibitors. Great work, good chats, lots of fun!"
    Julian KATZ MOTHER Director of Production

  • "I loved being inspired by great work and connecting with new and familiar industry talent. I enjoyed the opportunity to have a critical and inquisitive take on the work I was looking at than just hearing a sales pitch. It was a rewarding added dimension. "
    Adam SCHWARTZ SAKS FIFTH AVENUE Div. Vice President, Design

  • "We all need to be in touch with what "good" looks like today. That's why CONNECTIONS is so awesome. "
    Helen BOAK REVHEALTH Exec Vice President, Creative

  • "This event is a great reminder of how much creative talent there is in NYC!"
    Lynn MERCADO VELOCITY Exec Vice President, Creative

  • "CONNECTIONS was a great experience seeing and talking with all the amazing studios and agencies. I felt inspired and reminded of what I love most about my job. Thank you!"
    Qian QIAN GREY GROUP Executive Creative Director

  • "Glad to be part! Thanks!"
    Debra LIGUORI KAUFMAN MACY'S Executive Producer

  • "Being a juror was new for me. Normally I show up near the end of the first or last day, peruse new agencies and their work, say hello to the regulars and go on my way. This year, given the list of multiple agencies with differing media types to check out, enabled me to zoom in and focus - their new work and their process. I loved connecting with each of them."
    Brenda HUTCHINGS THE NEW YORK TIMES Head of Photo+Art Buying, Mktg

  • "Interesting talks, smaller show but good selection of exhibitors with high quality creative work. Thanks!"
    Barbara RAGGHIANTI HARRY WINSTON Manager of Creative Services

  • "Thanks so much for having me, it was a great experience overall and I’d love to do it again next year! "
    David LIPFORD STUART WEITZMAN Manager of Creative Services

  • "It was a great experience and wonderful to have the opportunity to meet such amazing talent and see so much new and fresh work! Thank you for this opportunity! "
    Adina GREENHAUS MOROCCANOIL Senior Director of Design

  • "This year at LE BOOK was engaging and enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed the panel on Creators Changing Cross-Cultural Narratives, very inspired and insightful. I’m loving the evolution of companies embracing 360 production services, video + digital & print marketing assets. "
    Jason PHILLIPS MACY'S Senior Director, Photo & Content Studio

  • "Really enjoyed this year's CONNECTIONS. Lots of really solid talent."
    Kathryn ROACH THE NEW YORK TIMES, T. BRAND STUDIO Senior Photo Editor

  • "Incredibly inspired by the impressively high-tech level of creativity on display at CONNECTIONS. Much of the work I saw and conversations I had today brought me joy. Innovative forms of interactive and experiential creativity studios that fuel the passions of their creatives and it shows in the work. Forms of creativity I didn't experience before: Sound Design from Creaminal. Discussing intricate 3D lighting with B.O.B. Set design with MAAVVEN. VR roller coaster with Happy Finish. Definitely leaving this brimming with inspiration."
    Leslie HANSON BOMBAS Sr. Art Director

  • "I think the show was great this year. The range of exhibitors was more diverse and the quality strong. Look forward to next year. "
    Jon PARKINSON GSW WORLDWIDE Sr Vice President, Integ Prod

  • "I'm excited to work with some of the great talent behind the work I've seen whis week. There's no substitute for meeting someone face-to-face and having a meaningful exchange."
    Ronnie CALTABIANO AREA 23 Assoc Vice President, Creative

  • "CONNECTIONS NYC really showcases the best of the best. It's all on display and definitely a hard show to judge because the level of talent means that every submission is best-in-class. It is exciting to see such a diversity of mediums and creativity under one roof. "
    Meghan TAYLOR FRESHLY Vice President, Creative

  • "I always look forward to CONNECTIONS as these days I rarely have an opportunity to meet people in person. I can go years without putting a face to an email address. I love getting to see new work and meet new vendors that I may have not found on my own."
    Katherine SCHAD KENNETH COLE Vice President, Creative Services

  • "Amazing experience, really interesting stuff. When you understand the process, it allows you to appreciate the true value. I think its important that in order to understand the piece of content, we understand how hard it was to get there."
    Ricky VIOR THE COMMUNITY Vice President, Exec Creative Director