• "The diversity of talent, the high level of craft and creativity, and the good vibe of the people I met made CONNECTIONS a great experience.. Looking forward to the next time!"
    Raphael ABREU THE COCA-COLA COMPANY Global Design Director

  • "What an exciting experience seeing all of these inspired projects, through the eyes of such passionate, intelligent and innovative people. This is the future! Share and be shared! Would happily do it again!"
    Chandra RECCHI COACH Vice President, Style and Studio Director

  • "This was a great experience to separate myself from the world and be surrounded by creatives, and immerse myself in great and relevant work. Thank you, LE BOOK!"
    Matt WRIGHT GAP Vice President, Creative

  • "I love LE BOOK and CONNECTIONS! It's truly an inspiring forum to stay in touch with innovative creators from around the world who are creating at the top of their game."
    Chidi ACHARA SIMON MALLS Chief Creative Officer

  • "Loved the energy, creativity & community aspect of this event. You can see the creative trends and talents from around the world in a single place. Thank you for inviting me!"
    Yujin HEO NEIMAN MARCUS Vice President, Creative

  • "I enjoyed the process and the meetings that I had. Very qualitative and relevant."
    Peter MALACHI HERMES SVP, Communications

  • "Amazing! Saw some stunning, inspiring work that reminded me why I do what I do."
    Natalie LAM GOOGLE Executive Creative Director

  • "CONNECTIONS NYC 2018 was an amazing experience. Such great talent showcased."
    Yves LAROQUE LYFT Senior Art Director

  • "Thank you for a great day. it was wonderful to see so many people and such great work. It's lovely to connect in person; much added value in those connections. Thanks!"
    Katherine SCHAD KENNETH COLE Vice President, Creative

  • "The whole day went by so fast!!! I was totally emersed, enthralled, mesmorized by all the fascinating works and processes. It was pure joy!"
    Alex SUH SKINCEUTICALS (L'OREAL) Global Creative Director

  • "This was my first time at CONNECTIONS and it was truly inspiring. Meeting so many great people and being exposed to so much talent is a wonderful way to spend a day!"
    Scott BELL DROGA5 Executive Creative Director

  • "Surprised and delighted at how informative and inspring this shindig is."
    Chris AUSTOPCHUK SONY SVP. Creative Director

  • "Great event. I love what LE BOOK does. It is inspiring and educational."
    Kristi KROENER MACY'S Creative Director

  • "Amazing show! Always great to see many points of view as well as new talent and technologies."
    Joe ENCARNACION UNIQLO Senior Art Director

  • "CONNECTIONS was fantastic! I met some great creatives and saw some truly inspirational work. I'm excited for the future relationships I'm sure will come out of the connections I made today. Thank you!"
    Alexandra ST-AMOUR SHOPBOP (AMAZON) Creative Director

  • "It's always good to come here to meet new people, see old friends, and discover interesting work."
    Natsuko BOSAKA GREY BEAUTY GROUP Creative Director

  • "This year was very rewarding! Able to make more connections and it was terrific!"
    Calvin CHU SYFY Vice President of Design

  • "Loved making new connections. Met other like-minded creative people. Plenty of creative inspiration to take away."
    Jemma DOWNEY GREY GOOSE Global Director, Creative

  • "I love being in a room full of people who care about craft. The pacing of creative conversation was quick and fun and filled with heart. It was nice to put faces with names."
    Ian GOODE FACEBOOK Design Strategist

  • "Innovation paired with authenticity is a common theme at CONNECTIONS."
    Jason PHILLIPS MACY'S Vice President, Creative

  • "Absolutley loved it! Wish I could have come both days. Incredibly stimulating and makes me realize I work locked up in a box, always doing the same things. CONNECTIONS opened up my mind."
    Emiliano GONZALEZ DE PIETRI GREY Global Executive Creative Director

  • "This was incredibly inspiring and an exciting representation of emerging artists and genius making work that contributes to culture."
    Heather PIESKE VIRTUE, VICE MEDIA Group Creative Director

  • "Always a great show - saw some very inspiring work! Thanks LE BOOK!"
    Roi ELFASSY AUTHENTIC BRANDS GROUP Vice President, Creative

  • "Thank you so much for having me. It was wonderful to see the incredible work and I appreciate the invitation."
    Roxy WEISBARD FACEBOOK Art Director

  • "Really excellent, broad range of work. Look forward to coming back!"
    Andy BARON TURNER DUCKWORTH Creative Director

  • "Fun way to connect with the creative field and see original work by amazing talent."
    Sandra BURCH SOTHEBY'S SVP Creative Director

  • "Really impressive. I like how the scope of the show has expanded and broadened to cover more and more facets of the production world over the years. Motion, VR, etc."
    Julian KATZ MOTHER USA Director of Production

  • "An incredibly humbling and inspiring experience! What a talented group of humans pushing the creative class."
    Chena STEPHENSON 72ANDSUNNY Creative Director

  • "CONNECTIONS truly allows you to have real conversations and engage. It's great to see outstanding creative work! Thought provoking & inspirational - I'm looking forward to the next one."
    Werner BRELL CATALYSTIC Partner

  • "LE BOOK keeps on surprising with its great selection of top talent at CONNECTIONS and it's always fun and insightful to be on the panel. Thanks for having me again."
    Nelly GOCHEVA T BRAND, THE NEW YORK TIMES Global Editorial Director

  • "Great staff and LE BOOK team! Fantastic show with all the best talents. Thank you very much! Such an honor to be part of it."
    Nok RUMPHARWAN INTERPARFUMS Global Creative Director

  • "This show has the best artists and influencers, so inspiring!"

  • "I had a great experience at my first CONNECTIONS! Being introduced to such talent in such a short window was really, really great. Don’t change a thing!"
    Ryan BARONE BARON & BARON Photo Director

  • "New perspectives, new horizons, creativity ignited! It's great to reconnect and rediscover in this time of change."
    Hans DORSINVILLE SELECT WORLD Chief Creative Officer

  • "What an amazing experience this year! I got to see so many beautiful process of work I normally would'nt have seen. Thank you LE BOOK for a great show this year!"
    Greg GORMAN L.L. BEAN Sr. Managing Art Director

  • "Another amazing conference!! Every year LE BOOK raises the bar. 2018 has an amazing range of content creations, productions and idea generators."
    Kathy ENG BATH & BODY WORKS AVP, Creative Services

  • "LE BOOK CONNECTIONS is a community. It's the perfect match maker for our industry. Always a joy to participate!"
    Klitos TEKLOS AIR PARIS Creative Director

  • "Another great year at LE BOOK! I love seeing the evolution of returning partners and all of the new amazing talent."
    Madison WHARTON KBS Global Chief Production Officer

  • "Great opportunity to see inspiring work and connect with the wonderful creative energy that moves our industry!"
    Suzana APELBAUM GOOGLE Head of Creative

  • "Saw some very inspiring and insightful work. Very efficient and productive time!"

  • "The show is always a treat to the day. Thank you LE BOOK!"
    Mark FINA SPRING STUDIOS Executive Creative Director

  • "CONNECTIONS is a place where you see the young and talented, up-and-comers. These are the people we will hire for our clients. They will bring a different perspective."

  • "CONNECTIONS was a unique opportunity to spend time with some of those who are at the top of their craft. It let me get to know them and their work on a deeper level."
    Linda BUMGARNER VML Executive Creative Director

  • "Beautiful experience. Vibrant energy."
    Meagan MCLAUGHLIN CBS Creative Director

  • "Loved the energy and the talent selection. Very interesting work! Thanks."
    Barbara RAGGHIANTI HARRY WINSTON Manager, Global Creative Content

  • "The creative energy is palpable. I'm impressed."
    Ryan BARRETT ONE SIXTY OVER NINETY Creative Director

  • "Very inspiring! Wish I had more time to look through each piece of work. I will be back next year."
    Pebble GOH BBDO NY Vice President, Creative

  • "Amazing collective showcase of global creative work. I <3 LE BOOK!"
    Kristen DEUBEL SHAZAM Director of Marketing

  • "The energy is HIGH. I was in Paris in spring. Came back with pleasure in New York!"
    Matthew GRABOIS BNP Head of Digital Transformation

  • "Very enjoyable day and impressed by the work on hand."
    Georgie GREVILLE MILK MAKEUP Co-Founder & Creative Director

  • "What a great source of inspiration and dialogue! Saw so much beautiful work!"
    Benjamin SCHAFIR L.O.V.E NY Co-Founder

  • "Great place to find new talent and new ideas!"
    Karen SILVEIRA TIFFANY & CO Exec Creative Director

  • "It's great to be in a space where the starting point is "top notch". It's the best kind of problem to have when looking for new talent."
    Rich TU MTV Vice President, Design

  • "As always great talents, great connections, and a great time. I cant wait until the next time!"
    Jacob WILDSCHIØEDTZ NR2154 Founder

  • "Great show, met new people and updated with old friends."
    Ucef HANJANI CEFT and COMPANY Co-Founder & CCO

  • "Exciting, wide range of creative and production work. A great show."
    Cliff LEWIS DROGA5 Director of Art Production

  • "I really enjoyed the diversity of studios, capabilities and projects. Wonderful inspirations."
    Adam ISIDORE FCB NYC Director Intergrated Production

  • "Hands down the best way to see a vast & thoughtful collection of work."
    Phlip CHEANEY MEKANISM Creative Director

  • "Such a great way to meet some of the best designers, illustrators and photographers in the world."
    Erynn MATTERA PEREIRA O'DELL Senior Art Direcor

  • "Thank you so much for having me as a juror at CONNECTIONS. I absolutely loved it!"
    Philipp DIETZ AKQA Creative Director

  • "It was so nice to sit with each exhibitor and discuss a limited amount of projects. Really learning in depth. This created a memorable experience allowing me to see the work, understand all the thought and production details and walking away with a good understanding of the skill set of each vendor. Thanks!"
    Lisa OROPALLO DIGITAS VP, Director of Art Production

  • "CONNECTIONS feels like a high end gallery, fashion show, trade show and salon are all smashed up into one room. Great experience! "
    Alexander REA DDB Creative Technology Officer

  • "Coming here today gave me more information than months at the office. The work here at CONNECTIONS is very high level, diverse, beautiful, and innovative."
    Daniela VOJTA MCCANN NEW YORK Executive Creative Director

  • "I'm honored to be part of such an esteemed event bringing together all types of different creatives."
    Megan WEST REFINERY29 Associate Creative Director

  • "Such an amazing group of people. I will definitely attend again!"
    Trista YARD CODE AND THEORY Design Director

  • "Fantastic event! Lots of talent and surprises."
    Debra LIGUORI KAUFMAN MACY'S INC. Executive Fashion Producer

  • "Great energy! Welcoming and inclusive. I've learned so much and met so many amazing people. Going back to Portland inspired!"
    Cat HYLAND SWIFT Executive Creative Director

  • "I liked the format and being around creatives! The interaction was much more organic than at other networking events, expos or tradeshows I've attended."
    Sara MITZNER FULLBEAUTY VP PR & Social Media Marketing

  • "Always a pleasure to be at CONNECTIONS! Meeting old friends and new brilliant people!"
    Ludovic DROUINEAUD NARS COSMETICS Executive Director, Creative Studio

  • "Great show this year! Thanks LE BOOK!"
    Jon PARKINSON GSW SVP, Dir. of Integrated Production

  • "Great time! It's always good to see whats up and who's out there!"
    Rana REEVES RANAVERSE Creative Director

  • "Great show. Very well done."

  • "I come every year to feel inspired, meet old friends and make new ones! Tons of great stuff that will keep my projects fresh and exciting."
    Myriam LOPEZ SHOWTIME NETWORKS Creative Director

  • "Always a fun time! Thanks LE BOOK!"
    Clayton CROCKER CROCKER CLAYTON Creative Director

  • "Inspiring to see such a high level of creativity, craft and lovely people in one place."
    Tom HYDE BIG SPACESHIP Creative & Strategist

  • "Great time! Look forward to participating again next year."
    Shane MALACH CARAT CONTENT Director, Content & Brand Entertainment

  • "You guys did such a good job! It was very inspiring, I met so many talented people and got motivated by real projects! Keep doing what you do!"
    Stefania ALAFACI STEFANIA ALAFACI Creative Consultant

  • "Absolutely loved seeing how the industry is reacting to massive changes in impressive and surprising ways."
    Gabriel EID GABRIEL EID PICTURES Creative Director

  • "A fantastic event to connect, get inspired and get to know who is doing what. Thank you LE BOOK!"
    Laurie HERNANDEZ MAZARINE NYC Studio Art Director

  • "Always an inspiring event to see fresh creative work that pushes the boundaries and connect with some of the most talented people in the industry. Thanks for having me again LE BOOK! Always a pleasure. Until next time..."
    Liona VENTURINI FREELANCE Creative Director

  • "Fun times! Thanks for having me and so sorry I didnt have time to see more. NEXT YEAR!"
    Brynn HEMINWAY Creative Director