Mychaela BUECHÉ

Style Art Director | TARGET

Mychaela Bueché is an a Style Art Director at Target in Minneapolis, Minnesota dedicated to solving the world’s creative puzzles. Originally from San Antonio, she obtained her education from the University of Wisconsin fine arts program. Throughout her career, she has provided bold creative solutions for clients in the fashion, home décor, food and liquor industries. Her work has been featured and awarded by AIGA, The American Advertising Foundation, and Adobe. She is dedicated to bringing fresh and innovative perspectives that push boundaries and solve problems creatively & concisely. In her free time she is an activist and an illustrator.


1.)     What was your very first job?
My very first official gig was providing student organizations in college graphic design services, particularly those that operated within an progressive, activist lens. It taught me much about client relationships, how to push my skill and how to say yes even if you’re not sure how you’re going to achieve something yet.

2.)     Please describe, in your own words, what your job is and what work it entails. 
As a style art director, I am making creative concepts for Target’s Promotions Marketing team for Apparel, Accessories and Home with the products given to me to promote from our merchant partners. This means generating work for social, digital and print that best reaches the Target guest and anticipates their needs. Once my ideas have been pitched and approved, I direct a studio team of photographers, stylists, set designers, models, etc. to execute my vision. As an art director I have to keep in mind the bigger picture of our brand and what we want to say, while still being meticulous of every shot, layout, animation, etc. 

3.)     How did you discover that the creative world was right for you? Was there a time in your life that you credit to this discovery? What was there train of events that brought you to where you are today? 
I’ve always been creative. I learned Photoshop as a child from my photographer mother and was making these very elaborate magazines of my Barbies and toys, which are hilarious little artifacts now. However, I also loved the sciences growing up, so initially I went to college to study neurobiology. About halfway through I kept finding myself missing the creative outlets that I had as a kid and teen and cut science cold turkey. I never looked back and I’m glad I haven’t. There is nothing more intuitive to me than being given a creative problem to solve and diving into executing it. 

4.)     In your constantly growing and expanding industry, how do you find inspiration to keep your work fresh, innovative and relevant? 
When you approach art direction from a mindset of problem solving and keep that at the forefront of how your creative will be executed, of course you will need to keep in mind trends and industry standards, but you stay focused on what the creative needs rather than what the market is pushing out. Smart problem solving will always be relevant.

5.)     If you had to pick one piece of work or project that you are most proud of, more for the creative work and innovation it required, rather than its recognition or industry “success,” what would it be?
I rather speak to the work that I and other art directors at Target are doing behind the scenes to show a more representative picture of who our guest is. Being an active participant in casting talent and concepting creative means that we have the power to make sure we show a variety of sizes, skin tones and abilities in our work. Knowing that I am doing what contributing to changing attitudes about what is “normal” is such fulfilling work.

 6.)     Which creative disciplines do you commission most, and are most interested in seeing more of and why? (ie photo, film, social, experiential, vr, etc)
I’m looking to expand my network of studio photographers and videographers, especially those interested in the growing landscape of digital and social.


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