REPORT Germany 2019

  • "Amazing again. When you come to CONNECTIONS, you have the chance to look deeper into a project and to take a lot of creative ideas home. CONNECTIONS means family, creativity, meeting friends, and getting new inspiration. Thank you LE BOOK for an amazing day."
    Ingo BRACK ESCADA Head of Creative Services

  • "Great selection of talents - great venue - not enough time. I look forward to being back. Thank you for having me."
    Birgit KOVACEVIC ZINO DAVIDOFF Head of Marketing

  • "Great as always - I can not wait to go back to CONNECTIONS London."
    Leo MARKS BMW GROUP Global Creative Director

  • "For us CONNECTIONS is very interesting because we can meet international creative people. I will be back."
    Martina AUBADE CEO

  • "CONNECTIONS is the best show in Germany."
    Mario LOMBARDO MARIO LOMBARDO Creative Director

  • "A great experience! I spent a lot more time at the event than I planned because everything was so interesting. I think seeing what is happening is very important to stay relevant and to bring something new. I left with tons of inspiration. Thank you! "
    Richard BREAUX HUGO BOSS Head of Integrated Marketing

  • "CONNECTIONS is very important for me to see new professional in the market, as well as their creative work."
    Markus ALLER E. BREUNINGER GMBH & CO Head of In House Agency

  • "It is always a huge pleasure. No matter where - Hamburg, Paris, London - I am looking forward to CONNECTIONS 2020."
    Florian PANIER JUNG VON MATT Head of TV & Film

  • "Thank you so much for bringing all these creative people together."
    Theresa ZERCK OTTO Creative Director

  • "Thank you so much for the invitation! It was a pleasure to discover so many inspiring projects and talents!"
    Julia MEHLHORN MYKITA Head of Brand Marketing

  • "It was a great experience seeing so many diverse new artists and projects in one space, it is a very valuable platform."
    Iskra VELICHKOVA EBAY Head of Brand and Content Marketing

  • "As I'm coming out of the consulting business, this was all new and very interesting for me. Overall the quality of work was wide-spread, thus judging was not that easy. I liked the event, well done."
    Mathias ELSAESSER PWC Director - Digital | Data Driven Marketing

  • "A great event with interesting people & projects! Always an inspiration for my work and a place to be for the creative scene!"
    Thomas ELSNER THOMAS ELSNER STUDIO Creative Director

  • "Great exhibition, beautiful artists, work and nice atmosphere. Thank you!"
    Isabel JESTEADT SELECTNY Creative Director

  • "Thanks a lot for having me and creating such a nice, polite, peaceful, creative surroundings. I met a lot of awesome people and surprisingly all of them have been in a great, not-competitive mood. Huge benefit. Thanks for becoming part of your network. Looking forward to meeting you next time."
    Micha WILK SERVICEPLAN Executive Creative Director

  • "It's a very nice event to stay up-to-date in different visual areas. It's great to connect with people and to get inspired."

  • "Salon magnifique!! I'll be back next year."
    Mehmet ARICI STRELLSON Marketing Director

  • "The most inspiring event since years. You always leave with new ideas."
    Claudia JAEH CREATIVE SERVICES Creative Director

  • "Great show! Thanks."

  • "CONNECTIONS bring a lot. It’s important to get to know the community and nice to get in contact with photographers, filmmakers, and directors that are based here."
    André BLANCO AKQA Creative Director

  • "It was a pleasure to be part of CONNECTIONS. You can connect with different people and see different projects from different fields and areas. It is the best way to get some inspiration. Amazing work with great people. Something to repeat, for sure."
    Karolina LECZKOWSKI AEYDE Art Director

  • "It's a very nice event to stay up-to-date in different visual areas. It's very good to connect with people and to get inspired."
    Paul CARRERA THJNK Executive Creative Director

  • "It's so nice to see unconventional thinking and that creating and producing is finally becoming mainstream! I am curious to see what comes next!"
    Roman RUSKA RUSKA MARTIN Executive Creative Director

  • "Very inspiring. Thanks."
    Oliver RAMM KOLLE REBBE WERBEAGENTUR Unit Lead Creative Director

  • "It was a pleasure as always. Thank you so much for inviting me again this year! It's always a great and pleasant atmosphere and lovely to meet the forces behind the talents! All my best wishes for the next editions!"
    Anne LEVY ANDREAS MURKUDIS Brand Strategist

  • "Thank you for the invitation! It was so inspiring to meet people who could present their ideas full of passion - and network a little. Hope to see you next year."
    Lou HAGL SERVICEPLAN Creative Director

  • "As always, it was an afternoon filled with creativity, new connections, and great conversations."
    Kerry BAUER OLIVER AGENCY Production Operations Manager

  • "Nice event. It was great to meet new companies. Cool setting. Thanks for the invitation."
    Thomas MARKERT DFL Creative Director

  • "Inspiring."
    Jan HELLBERG LA RED Executive Creative Director

  • "A great experience with transversal and innovative talent."
    Nicolas SANTOS NICOLAS SANTOS Creative Director

  • "New perspectives, inspiring people, old friends, good food, great location, perfect organization - what else to expect from an event?"
    Nicolas BECKER HAVAS Executive Creative Director

  • "Guys, it was amazing, as every year. Thank you."
    Christian RUESS STUDIO CHRISTIAN RUESS Creative Director

  • "Thank you for the invitation. Another great event in Berlin!"
    Nuno MARCELINO ANTONI Creative Director

  • "It’s the fourth time that I am with you – and by now it honestly feels like family. You see everyone here. Some people you only see once a year and here you get to see them. It’s a great way to catch up and stay on top of things."

  • "Very nice event. Strong agencies, work, good location and vibe."
    Damian SCHOBER DESIGN Director

  • "Coming to the show for over 10 years now. CONNECTIONS always brings together the best of the industry with new inputs and highlights. Thank you."
    Patrizia MOSCA KURZGESAGT COO & Executive Producer

  • "Inspiring and interesting as every year. It's really cool to see so much new and exciting work and to speak to the people who are responsible for it. As well as having the opportunity to ask questions directly. Thanks for having me."
    Benedikt GOETTERT SERVICEPLAN Managing Director

  • "Always a great event with the most creative people from the industry!"
    Julia WENZEL HEIMAT Head of Art Buying

  • "It's always inspiring to meet enthusiasts on the other side of the creative industry."
    Christian SOMMER SERVICEPLAN Executive Creative Director

  • "LE BOOK is more than a source. It's a family! Merci."
    Tom WALLMANN TOM WALLMAN CONSULTING Marketing & Communication Advisor for Various Brands and Industries

  • "It was a pleasure to be part of CONNECTIONS. You can connect with different people and see different projects from different fields and areas. It's the best way to get some inspiration. Amazing works with great people. Something to repeat, for sure. "
    Gonzalo MARTINHO INNOCEAN Creative & Art Director

  • "A wonderful, inspiring show. I met many wonderful people with amazing work to show. Thanks for this opportunity."
    Marc WIENTZCK HEIMAT Executive Creative Director

  • "It’s been a congenial opportunity to meet such a wide range of styles and names of our creative family. That’s what makes CONNECTIONS so precious: connecting ideas, with people."
    Johannes HELDRICH UNIVERSAL MUSIC Senior Director Creative Agency

  • "A room full of creativity, creatives and creative minds. What can be more inspiring?"
    Esben EHRENREICH WUNDERMAN Executive Creative Director

  • "Way to go CONNECTIONS Berlin. It was a terrific opportunity to expand my network in a casual and inspirational setting. It was great to spend time with so many inspiring creative people."
    Arnd MUELLER LILIUM VP Marketing and Communication

  • "CONNECTIONS is actually the perfect name for this event because it allows you to make real CONNECITONS with talented people working in the creative industry."

  • "Great stuff guys. High end quality!!!"
    Felipe CURY INNOCEAN BERLIN Creative Lead and Senior Art Director

  • "It’s great to talk to the agencies and to have a look at new photographers that we haven't work with before. And after some weeks, perhaps there will new ideas coming – it’s very inspirational."
    Michael MEISE WORMLAND Senior Art Director

  • "Always a very high level of inspiring exhibitors and it’s nice to connect and network with other jury members apart from the magical & beautiful Soho House Berlin location. To make it short: A must be and go for every creative working in the photo and film industry!"
    Bianca SOLOMON | WINTER Founder

  • "Thank you so much for having me and organizing such an inspirational day. It was truly a pleasure to see and meet everyone."
    Caroline BECKERT Creative Director

  • "I love to come every year. It was great the first time and it's been every time since then! The biggest challenge for everyone is to stay relevant. LE BOOK is made for this challenge."
    Marcus GUENTHEL METAPULSE Creative Director

  • "Thank you very much for a wonderful day with a lot of interesting and nice people!"
    Tomas TULINIUS GRABARZ & PARTNER Creative Art Director

  • "Thanks again for the inspiring day. You are great."

  • "This was a perfect afternoon with a lot of friends and new interesting people and campaigns."
    Torsten GATTERDAM KALTES KLARES WASSER Creative Director

  • "I think it was good and interesting. Thanks."
    Lars JAKSCHIK DDB BERLIN Creative Art Director

  • "It was a pleasure! I had a really good time and met amazing people. A great selection of great artists."
    Sven BEHRENS DONKEY Senior Art Director

  • "Thank you very much for the opportunity to be a member of the jury. I really enjoyed it and the artworks were beautiful and so was the exchange and conversations with the exhibitors."
    Patrizia MOSCA KURZGESAGT COO & Executive Producer

  • "Great and interesting work, nice people and good organization. Looking forward to next year!"
    Contantin WE ARE OPEN Founder

  • "IT WAS GREAT! A different form of award show where you actually take your time and don't just flip through the stuff."

  • "Thank you for the invite. I met cool people and found really cool talents as well. We also had a little reunion with old colleagues. It was a really nice time."
    Gil TRYBULL DONKEY Senior Art Director

  • "Thanks for the possibility to go so deep in the details of the projects that had to be judged! I took a lot of inspiration and benefit out of it and made valuable contacts with producers that have not been on my focus before. I really enjoyed it and I love the concept, not to compare the work!"
    Martina DIEDERICHS OGILVY & MATHER Head of Art Buying

  • "Great show with interesting exhibitors in front of a fantastic view! Well done. Thanks LE BOOK."
    Birgit MEINHOF FCB HAMBURG Senior Art Buyer

  • "Amazing show and networking platform. Very much appreciated to be part of it!"
    Geraldine GRAMENZ-HOHLBEIN ANTONI Head of Moving Images

  • "Thank you for the invite! Very nice location! Very welcoming and great exhibitors."
    Flavia GLEICHMANN SELECTWORLD Senior Art Director

  • "Good and inspiring CONNECTIONS."
    Anna MEISSNER UEBERGROUND Creative Director

  • "I enjoyed CONNECTIONS Hamburg very much. Very intense talks, great artists & agents - so little time."
    Betty GOSCH OTTO Art Buyer

  • "Thanks for having me! I loved seeing all these creative people bringing their games to the market. Would love to join again! Love from Berlin."
    Jeanette BOHNE DDB Senior Creative

  • "I am happy that CONNECTIONS exists. A great event for art buyers, thank you very much. We do not have the chance to come to these kind of events very often. Please continue."
    Nina Kraus TRACK Head of Art Buying

  • "It was a great event, without any doubt. It was a pleasure!"
    David ROTH STRAIGHT Executive Creative Director

  • "I really loved getting to know the companies that were not from Germany - very inspiring to see what happens around the globe. It was a great time invested."
    Ben ERBEN MUTABOR DESIGN Creative Director

  • "Soooo inspiring. Thanks a lot for this amazing day in Berlin."
    Jessica LUH-FUCHS RIEGG & PARTNER Creative Director

  • "A very condensed and focused event. I liked it a lot."
    Hermann CFS KRUG Founder

  • "It was such a great chance to see the latest news in the creative scene and to get to know the people, all at the same time."
    Gerrit ZINKE THJNK Managing Director

  • "It's really great! I loved to hear the story behind every artist. It was very special. AWESOME!"
    Katrin FLUEGEL PAHNKE MARKENMACHEREI Executive Creative Director

  • "Great location, cool music. Great atmosphere & good tables to meet trends. NEW INSPIRATION!"

  • "Thanks LE BOOK."
    Zhoi HY ZHOI HY CREATIVE STUDIO Executive Creative Director

  • "Nice presentation, personal, nice agencies with a diverse range of work. Very nice other jury members. See you in Berlin."
    Damian SCHOBER SCHOBER DESIGN Art Director

  • "Sometimes, as advertisers, you think you know everyone and everything. I was wrong. Great selection, great organisation, great people. Merci LE BOOK."
    Francis CAZAL GRABARZ & PARTNER Creative Director

  • "Nice crafted work. Inspiring talks and people. Connections is a great opportunity to meet new people and companies."
    Sabine GWINNER SERVICEPLAN Senior Creative Operations Manager